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New Setup! Merry Christmas Turtles!

by lancelotthe9th
For Christmas I made my turtles a new basking platform. This platform  is made of PVC, reptile turf, egg crate, acrylic, heat resistant screen tops and lots of zip-ties. It took a bit of on-the-fly fixes to make the platform work but it turned out very well. I came home to Moses basking on it which means success. Overall this costed me about $100 but this platform allows for the 40 gallon tank to be filled completely. This added an additional 10 gallons of water to the tank as opposed to my older basking platform. 25% increase! If you have […]

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

by lancelotthe9th
Tis the season to be turtley! FalalalalalallaBASK! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! Christmas is right around the corner and I’m just about finished up with my new above tank basking dock! I will post pictures soon. Don’t forget to get water heater for your turtles if you keep your house cold, the heat lamp can only indirectly warm the water so much. Turtles like mid-70’s, check out my suggestions in my habitat page!

Holiday Cheer

by lancelotthe9th
Christmas and holiday sales are here! Don’t miss the amazing deals going on at, Petco, and Petsmart. Now is a fantastic time to get that turtle the filter they’ve always wanted… well you’ve always wanted so you don’t have to clean the tank so much :P. Check out my best turtle filters page to get some suggestions! I just ordered the Turtle Clean 75!!! This thing is gonna knock my Turtle Clean 15 out of the water (literally). I also got food, and new thermometer! Exciting times right? If I figure out a good way to take a video with […]