1. Keep Aquarium Water Clear
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  3. Easy Maintenance and Top Quality Performance
  4. Save Room in the Tank with External Filters

Pro Turtle Keeper Tip: Buy the best filter you can afford. Turtles grow quickly and so does their need for more powerful filtration. Buying filters as the turtle grows can add up. Getting the best your money can buy earlier will save you money in the long run.

  • Most aquatic turtles require an area to bask out of the water
  • This allows your turtle to regulate their body temperature which is essential for a cold blooded animals (reptile)
  • This is where you will use your heat lamp (see below)

  • Pro Turtle Keeper Tip:
    Try to make your own basking platform! You can customize it to your liking and make your turtles tank look awesome. Don’t forget to consult with your turtle with regards to their new toasty area.

  • UV lights are required for your turtle to regulate its temperature and bask as well as obtain the essential UVB light for a healthy shell and body.
  • Basking temperature depends on the turtle, red-eared sliders like a warm 80 to 90 degrés Fahrenheit.
  • MAIS ATTENDEZ! You cannot forget the bulb that emits UVB radiation. It is essential turtles are exposed to this light, without it turtles could experience limited shell growth, metabolic bone disease and even death

  • Pro Turtle Keeper Tip:
    Mercury vapor bulbs combine both heat and UVB in one! They are more expensive but it requires only one light fixture for the turtle tank. Son deux pour une affaire.

  • Turtles need to eat of course and there are a few different types of food you can give them.
  • DES LÉGUMES: shaved and grated carrots, écraser, grains de maïs cuits, pois, and most leafy greens like romaine lettuce, collard, chou frisé, moutarde, pissenlit, cresson, Roquette, et le persil.
  • FRUIT: Pommes et poires (découpé en tranches), tropical fruits like bananas, papayes, goyaves, grapes as well as most berries like strawberries or raspberries, and lastly melons like cantaloupe, miellat, ou melon d'eau!

  • Pro Turtle Keeper Tip:
    Turtles love live food! Try putting rosy red minos or goldfish in the tank. Either they have a tasty snack or just gained new sexy looking tank mates.

  • Lastly, decorate your tank with the following items to make it stand out
  • SUBSTRATE: River stones, sand, large pebbles, shells, and bare bottom are all viable options and your turtle will love them all.
  • DRIFTWOOD: Give your turtle feel more at home with some pieces of driftwood.
  • FAKE PLANTS: Further make your turtle feel at home. Get robust fake plants that they cannot destroy with a weighted bottom.

  • Pro Turtle Keeper Tip:
    Feeder fish and other tank mates will be able to hide and evade a hungry turtle easier if they have places to hide which can be accomplished with rocks, driftwood and plants placed around your tank.