Hello! As you can see from my slightly ridiculous picture I am just a regular young man with my girlfriend Rebekah, holding the most adorable turtle posse: Moses, Harold and Crackers, in our hands. Those guys were picked up as lil hatchlings in Chinatown, Boston. Now I know what you are thinking, “Why would you buy a turtle there? Don’t you know that just supports the illegal sale of small turtles?” Well, yes. Like a politician, my views have changed and buying turtles from flea markets is not very responsible, BUT I have them, and love them and will care for them for many, many years to come. Turtles are amazing creatures and unlike delicate fish, these guys are brutes! You can let them run around your house, travel long distances, and feed them fish a week later (sparingly of course)! They are truly remarkable and by far the most interesting of pets I own. I could sit in front of my tank for five fleeting hours and just focus on them frolicking and floating freely. Each of my my turtles has an adorable personality. Check out my blog posts to learn more about them!

With these turtles comes great responsibility. With this responsibility, many powerful lessons I have learned. My Best Turtle Filter page for example comes from the success and failure of filters I thought worthy of my turtle’s palace. Hatchling and turtle habitat pages are also created to pass my knowledge and experience of the best turtle products on to the market today. And since I am not a millionaire (yet) my suggestions are very budget-conscious.


“Anytime you see a turtle up on top of a fence post, you know he had some help.” -Alex Haley