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New 75 Gallon Turtle Tank Update!

This tank setup has been in the works for a while but I finally completed it and everything came out really well. There is an over the tank basking platform. Sand substrate. And is being filtered by a Fluval FX6!! I made a video showing the whole thing. Check it out!

Nothing Like a New 75 Gallon Aquarium

Hey guys and gals, If you noticed from my turtle tank setup video I had my turtles living in a 75 gallon aquarium that I bought on Craigslist. This tank that came with a surprisingly fantastic turtle filter, dead coral rocks, and iron stand cost me a measly $75!! The one thing that kept making me itch was my trust in the tank. At 75 gallons the aquarium must support about 627 pounds of water (a pints a pound the world around) That weighs as much as the average snowmobile, 21% of a Mazda 3, or  31 twenty pound dumbbells […]

Long Live Your Turtle 75 Gallon Turtle Tank Setup!

It’s that time of year again (the best time of the year even with the cold) and my turtles deserve a quick spotlight. I put together a quick video about their crib. They are currently rocking a 75 gallon aquarium with a  Zoo Med Turtle Clean 75 and Marineland Magnum 350 filters cleaning up all their poo. On top of the tank is my DIY turtle basking platform. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions let me know. Enjoy!

New Camera New Close Up

by lancelotthe9th
Say hello to crackers. Yellow belly is not camera shy not shy at all, his head is always poking about no matter what the danger.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

by lancelotthe9th
Tis the season to be turtley! FalalalalalallaBASK! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! Christmas is right around the corner and I’m just about finished up with my new above tank basking dock! I will post pictures soon. Don’t forget to get water heater for your turtles if you keep your house cold, the heat lamp can only indirectly warm the water so much. Turtles like mid-70’s, check out my suggestions in my habitat page!

Fun Facts About Turtles!!!

by lancelotthe9th
Turtles are amazing! Here are few examples why: Turtles live on all continents except Antarctica A group of turtles is called a “hover” Turtles can weigh from just a few ounces to 2000 pounds Turtle shells are appear to be one piece but are actually comprised of 60 different interconected bones Turtle fossils have been found to be 215 million years old Sea turtles, like a Leatherback, travel more than 10,000 miles a year across the ocean blue Sea turtle gender is dependent on the temperatureof the environment to which they were born