Poop, Poop Everywhere! – We Don’t Want That, Check Out the Top Turtle Filters

With turtles swimming, eating and living life to the fullest they can really dirty your tank. In order to minimize water changes and full tank cleanings, appropriate filters are essential.

Have Dirty Water? Change the water. Dirty water can be dangerous at it suggests an unsafe build up of nitrates and nitrite that can harm your turtle. If it is only a little murky, try changing half of the water.

What Your Turtle Filter Needs:

  • Power. Your filter should circulate the water in your tank 8 times every hour. This sounds like a huge amount but turtle produce magnitudes more of waste than fish. Most filters are rated for several fish in a tank and not turtles. Check the Gallons per Hour (GPH) that your filter is rated to.
  • Easy Maintenance. If cleaning turtle waste was a job, it would be featured on “Dirty Jobs”. Save yourself some sanity and get a filter that is easy to clean. This is easily accomplished with most canister/external filters. They can be installed underneath/behind your tank where they can be accessed easily.
  • Media. Turtles need the full spectrum filter. Meaning it has mechanical and biological filtration, as well as carbon. Most filters use this filter media and for a reason. These medias work together to breakdown waste and keep the water clear and the water odor down. You don’t want your turtle living in a swamp, and you don’t want to look at a swamp all day.
  • Remember! Filters typically need to be cleaned monthly. That means cleaning the tubes and rinsing the media. Who would have thought you would have to clean something that cleans, a sad reality but with a great filter this is easy.

Featured Filter: It’s Small But Packs a Punch

The TurtleClean 318 perfect for a 10 gallon tank. It has an adjustable flow rate and is extremely easy to clean. It is a submersible filter, soundless and small. Replacement filter media is very cheap. Turtle Clean from Zoo Med make great filters for turtles (as the name implies) and I would highly suggest this filter. I used it for about 6 months with 3 hatching sliders and had to clean the tank about once a month. The filter uses the 3 traditional media: mechanical (sponge), activated carbon (black pellets), and biological (white sponge).