New Setup! Merry Christmas Turtles!

by lancelotthe9th

For Christmas I made my turtles a new basking platform. This platform  is made of PVC, reptile turf, egg crate, acrylic, heat resistant screen tops and lots of zip-ties. It took a bit of on-the-fly fixes to make the platform work but it turned out very well. I came home to Moses basking on it which means success. Overall this costed me about $100 but this platform allows for the 40 gallon tank to be filled completely. This added an additional 10 gallons of water to the tank as opposed to my older basking platform. 25% increase! If you have any questions about it comment below!

IMG_2838 IMG_2841


Current turtle tank setup:


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  • Alexandria
    August 25, 2016

    Where did you get your supplies for the basking platform?

    • lancelotthe9th
      October 1, 2016

      Hi! Sorry for the super late response,

      The basking platform was made mostly from materials purchased at home depot and Petsmart. This includes:

      Home Depot:
      Acrylic Sheets (clear walls of the platform)
      Silicon Sealant (holds the walls together)
      Egg crate (floor of the dock (water drains through it)
      PVC Pipe (straight, elbows, Tees, and caps) – basically a frame for the ramp and floor of the platform
      Gorilla Glue – to connect PVC pieces
      Zip Ties – to connect egg crate to PVC frame without glue

      2 Reptile enclosure Screen Covers – Sat perfectly in 40 gallon breeder tank frame seam
      Reptile turf – soft floor cover for turtles to bask on

      The dimensions of the platform were constrained by my tank size, screen covers and the elevation at which I wanted to place my basking lights. There are many ways to make a similar dock, it was a fairly impromptu design that changed as I built it but It fits my turtles perfectly and I can see them as they bask (but any quick movements and they will be free sailing back into the water)

      If you are thinking about making the dock let me know and I could give you more specific directions on the build


      • Jen
        October 6, 2016

        Hi! Love the setup! Could you please make a directions response or page about how to make it? My turtle is getting bigger and I need to upgrade soon, but have no clue how to make such an amazing setup! THANKS

        • lancelotthe9th
          October 10, 2016

          I will try and put something together. Unfortunately I did not take great pictures of its construction but I will see what I can do. It was DIY and the design was basically built around 3 parameters: size, stability, and the fact I had to build it in my apartment with a very limited selection of tools. Check back soon for instructions!


  • Kayli
    October 29, 2016

    Hello, I have a 40 gallon tank and am looking to make something like this.
    I have a spare 10gallon I’m thinking might be good for making the basking platform (on top of 40, on side)
    Was wondering also about any directions you have for making and attaching the top part to the main aquarium.

    • lancelotthe9th
      November 11, 2016


      Nice, 40 gallon breeder I assume? I had the idea of using my 10 gallon tank as a basking platform as well but then you have to put the UVB and basking light directly on glass over the platform (assuming you would lay the tank on its side). If you were to do this and place the lamps on top of the glass, I would fear that the UV rays turtles need would not reach them. Glass blocks UVB which is necessary for a turtle to live if it does not get the light naturally (being in a pond) I would also be worried about the heat lamp not being as effective with the glass between the turtles and the light. BUT! if you were to remove a pain of glass so that the turtles can climb in and the lamps can hang over the top as they normal would (without glass between) then I think that would work. Be careful with the glass though, unlike acrylic it is very brittle. I would suggest looking up ways to remove a side of a fish tank! I will be posting a sort of “how to” instructions for my basking dock if that would interest you. Check back soon.

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