Turtle Basking Dock DIY Above Tank

Hi guys and gals,

Per a request from a fellow turtle owner, I have put together an instruction on how to build the turtle basking dock I have in my current setup. It could use lots of improvements but is a great, versatile platform that sits above the tank and allows for whatever tank you are using for your turtle to can be filled to the very top. More water equals more free space for your shelled homie.




The basking platform was made mostly from materials purchased at home depot and Petsmart. This includes:

Home Depot:
Acrylic Sheets (clear walls of the platform)
Silicon Sealant (holds the walls together)
Egg crate (floor of the dock (water drains through it)
CPVC and PVC Pipe (straight, elbows, Tees, and caps) – basically a frame for the ramp and floor of the platform
Gorilla Glue – to connect PVC pieces
Zip Ties – to connect egg crate to PVC frame without glue

2 Reptile enclosure Screen Covers – Sat perfectly in 40 gallon breeder tank frame seam
Reptile turf – soft floor cover for turtles to bask on

The dimensions of the platform were constrained by my tank size, screen covers and the elevation at which I wanted to place my basking lights (about 9″). As I mentioned there are many ways to make a similar dock, it was a fairly impromptu design that changed as I built it but It fits my turtles perfectly and I can see them as they bask (but any quick movements and they will be free sailing back into the water).

Keep in mind I used a mixture of CPVC (smaller straight pieces more flexible and cheaper) and PVC (used for basking dock support leg).

The file below provides some diagrams that lay out the design of the dock:


Hope this helps!



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  • Andrew
    August 16, 2017

    Great setup ??

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