LLYT here! Long Live Your Turtle LLC was formed to provide educational information regarding the husbandry of aquatic turtles. LLYT has three slider turtles (two Red-eared slider and one yellow-belly slider) since they were we hatchlings. For anyone that has owned, know something that owns or has researched owning slider turtles, they fantastic animals that require special care. Like all pets, we want to give them everything they need and care for them to the best of our ability (often more than we even care for ourselves). For aquatic turtle ownership, this can be a difficult task without knowing the ins and outs of pet turtle care. LLYT was originally started as a YouTube video channel. Here, LLYT produced educational videos including how to care for pet turtles and DIY projects to optimize your turtle’s lives (throwing in some terrible humor along the way). The surprising popularity of the channel made it clear that LLYT was not the only one who was always looking for better solutions, cheaper solutions, DIY solutions or best practices when it came to caring for aquatic turtles. Thus this website and more video content was made. The community around pet turtle husbandry is incredible. So many like minded folks share their thoughts through different media outlets. LLYT’s website and media channels exist to present shared experiences and LLYT held experience so that no turtle owner goes without information that will help their turtle live and long happy life. 

Through all community support of LLYT, a new basking platform design is in the works. This design will be available to buy! This design aims to expand on the tiny availability of adequate basking docks sold in stores and online. Stay tuned for the initial product rollout early next month (June 2021).

Thanks for your support,