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Nature Themed Indoor Turtle Pond – Hide the Bucket Filter!

This video is all about how I reimagined the original 100 gallon stock tank jungle themed turtle pond. I added a bucket filter to the setup and that needed to be hidden. And que the over the top solution that came out looking great! 

Follow the video link to get material list!

How I Made a Jungle Themed Indoor Turtle Pond:

This video is all about how I took a Craigslist 100 Gallon Rubbermaid stock tank and turned it into an indoor, jungle themed turtle pond! This project let me think outside the box when it came to turtle tanks. I think turtle ponds might be my new favorite! Follow the video link to get material list! The overview video of this setup was previously posted here:…


Full Tank Above Tank Basking Platform:

LLYT here and I have a made a few awesome updates to my turtle tank! Learn how to build it here:…

Build and install at your own risk! Remember, safety first. Good luck!


DIY Turtle Proof Tank Decoration:

LLYT here, in this video I show you how I made a turtle proof decoration! If you attempted to scape an aquarium with a turtle like my red-eared slider Harold without regard to their size and destructive tendencies, you were probably disappointed to find out the scape was ruined! Not today! Check out how to make decorations for your tank that your turtle will be hard pressed to move around. Follow the video link to get material list!


DIY Custom Aquarium Cover:

LLYT Here! In this video I show you how to make a DIY glass aquarium cover. It works like the store bought kind but for a much lower price and gives you that DIY pride. Super easy and quick build. If you have a larger tank or want a stronger cover, increase you glass thickness to 1/8” or more, this design will still be applicable.  The cover prevents turtle escape, holds an LED light, allows access into the tank through an access panel, decreases evaporation of tank water and allows for installation of filter tubing an other external tubes or wires that must go into the tank. Follow the video link to get material list!

Protect Your Sponge Filter from Your Turtle:

In this episode I discuss how you can protect a sponge filter in a turtle tank! Turtle’s (especially sliders) like to eat everything. A regular old sponge filter will be abused and ripped apart by your turtle. Check out how you can avoid this to reap the wonderful benefits of using a sponge filter in your turtle’s aquarium. I call it the Sponge Filter Turtle Guard!

PLEASE READ! So a quick update on the Gutter Guard, it CORRODED! Luckily, four gutter guards came in the box so I threw out the corroded ones and spray painted the new ones so that they will not corrode. Corrosion can change your water chemistry and dirty your tank. For spray paint, I used rust-oluem universal and Krylon Fusion. I used rust-oluem as a base coat (2x coats) then I used Krylon Fusion as a top coat (2x coats). The reason I used the rust-oleum first was that the Krylon does not stick to metal well. Rust-oleum is great for sticking to metal and provided a base that the Krylon can stick to. The Krylon is important to use at the end as I know it is aquarium proof (inert after drying) and will not leech volatile chemicals into the water. Let the painted screens dry for several days and then soak them in water for another few days. After that it is ready for the aquarium! Hope this helps, See ya!

Can Convict Cichlids and Plecos (Sucker Fish) Live with Your Turtle?

This is part 2 of a common pet turtle owner question: Can fish live with my pet turtle? In this video I introduce Convict Cichlids and Sucker fish (Hypostomes Plecostomus also called plecos). Check out how they did with my red-eared slider Harold in my 75 gallon turtle aquarium. In the first part of this series (see below), I tried out rosy red minnows and comet goldfish. See it here:…

Can Goldfish and Rosy Red Minnows Live with Your Turtle?

This video helps answer the common turtle pet owner question: Can fish live with my pet turtle? Check it out! In this video I try Rosy Red Minnows and Goldfish! In Part 2, I try Convict Cichlids and Sucker Fish! –… is an educational site for aquatic turtle owners, future owners and hobbyists interested in general turtle care information. All information provided is accurate to the best of Long Live Your Turtle LLC’s knowledge and belief, but is presented for educational and sometimes entertainment purposes only. No information on this site should be considered authoritative with respect to human health or animal health and husbandry. Full disclaimer can be found here.