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Turtle Setup Requirements

Use the links below to learn more about turtle enclosure setups that are essential to a turtle’s long life and happiness. These recommendations are primarily for red-eared sliders, yellow-belly sliders, painted, cooters, mud and musk turtles. Please verify your turtle’s living requirements (e.g. water temperature, basking temperature, legality, and other living requirements) from a professional source including books or breed experts. This information is meant to be a general guide.


Turtle Tanks

Learn about what tank or aquarium is best for you turtle including tank size, water quality, heating, and more!


Turtle Basking Area

Turtles need to bask! It is essential for body temperature regulation and a healthy metabolism.


Turtle Lighting

Successful basking starts with you and what lighting you use. Find out what lighting is required for your turtle!


Turtle Filters

Arguably the most important time-saving component of your turtle's setup. Find out why filters are so important for turtle tanks and which filters are the best.


Turtle Tank Decorations

Make your tank look great! Learn about types of substrate, static decorations and other additions that can make your setup look awesome!


Turtle Food

Learn about turtle food and what products are available to ensure your turtle is getting the appropriate nutrients.